Why We Built Ucam…

When Ashley LeMay installed Amazon’s Ring camera in her Mississippi home last year, she felt confident the device would help keep her 8 year old daughter safe. “I did a lot of research on these before I got them. You know, I really felt like it was safe,” she told a CNN affiliate in December.  

Unfortunately, Ashely’s noble efforts to keep her daughter safe resulted in the opposite. In December, hackers broke into Ashley’s Ring Camera located in her daughter’s room. The hackers manipulated the girl, pretending to be Santa Clause. The dystopian nightmare played out on a recorded video:

I’m your best friend, I’m Santa Clause!

Hackers Talking to an 8-year old girl through a compromised Ring Camera.

Sitting in our offices in Menlo Park, CA the team at IoTeX recognized that the horrible incident affecting Ashley and her daughter need not have happened. The hackers that took over Ashely’s Ring camera did so by exploiting her password login. In other words, the password Ashley set was not strong enough and perhaps had even been exposed in a separate hack of a different website. 

At IoTeX, we have been working on methods to secure internet connected home devices like security cameras for the past 3 years. As a result of our research, we have implemented a totally unique login system that avoids the use of passwords altogether and instead uses a technology called “cryptographic keys” to make unauthorized access to your camera impossible. We have created a totally private home security camera called “Ucam” (the camera that works for YOU!) that integrates this novel privacy technology and makes sure your family stays safe.

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