Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ucam?

Ucam is the world’s first absolutely private home security camera that is powered by the IoTeX blockchain. With Ucam, you are in complete control — you can choose whether to keep your videos fully private, share them with loved ones, authorize one-time access to service providers, and more. Ucam works for you!

What camera features does Ucam have?

Ucam comes packed with features accessible via the Ucam app: 1080p HD video, pan/tilt/zoom controls for full 360° coverage, night vision up to 36ft/12m, motion detection with alerts, two-way audio between Ucam and your mobile device, and over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. For more details on Ucam features, see this blog.

Who developed Ucam?

Ucam was co-developed by IoTeX, a blockchain-based platform for privacy and IoT, and Tenvis, a leading security camera manufacturer since 2005. Ucam blends the best of both worlds — Tenvis hardware and IoTeX software/firmware — to empower this first-of-its-kind security camera. For more details on our partnership, see this blog.

How is Ucam different from other home security cameras?

Ucam comes with great camera features (as listed above), but what truly differentiates Ucam from all other cameras is “privacy by design”. Built-in privacy features, such as end-to-end encryption, secure blockchain login, and encrypted storage, ensure that you completely own and control your data, identity, and privacy.

How is blockchain technology used in Ucam?

Ucam uses blockchain technology in two crucial ways to enable full data privacy and enhance device security:

1) Decentralized issuance of encryption keys: blockchain is used to issue you the only encryption key, ensuring you are the only one that can access your device and videos.

2) Secure blockchain identity and login: blockchain-based public/private key pair is used as a login instead of email/password, preventing brute force password hacks and separating your Ucam identity from your “Internet identity”.

For more details on how Ucam uses blockchain technology, see this blog.

How does Ucam process data if only the user has the encryption key?

Ucam utilizes edge computing to manage all processing “on the edge” (e.g., encryption, motion detection, two-way audio). Unlike Cloud-based cameras, all processing for Ucam is performed directly on the Ucam device or user’s mobile phone.

Can I share access to my livestream and video recordings with others?

Yes. As the Ucam owner, you have complete control to authorize other users to access your Ucam livestream and saved video recordings, and you can revoke access at any time. You may also download videos and directly send it to other users.

What are the different ways to view video from my Ucam?

There are many ways to view videos from Ucam depending on your preference:

1) Livestream: view video in real-time with pan/tilt/zoom controls, utilize two-way audio, or take photo/video snapshots

2) Motion detection clips (optional): automatically saved and viewable at any time

3) Continuous footage (optional): record video on a rolling basis; once storage is full, the oldest footage is replaced with newest footage

How do I login to Ucam?

Users will login to Ucam using an IoTeX blockchain identity (i.e., public/private key pair). If you do not have an IoTeX identity, you may create one with one-click during the setup process. If you already have an IoTeX identity, you may use ioPay to login to Ucam. We highly recommend all users to backup their private key in a safe place. If lost, the private key is NOT recoverable by IoTeX or Tenvis, as we do not store this data to ensure your full privacy.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

If you lose your mobile device and have backed up your private key, you may import your private key to the Ucam app to re-access your device and data. If you lose your mobile device and do not have your private key, you will need to disassociate your old blockchain identity and register a new blockchain identity to your Ucam. Any data linked to your previous blockchain identity cannot be recovered without the private key, so make sure to keep a backup!

Do I need cryptocurrency to use Ucam?

No. You do not need to own or know anything about cryptocurrency to use Ucam. For those that own cryptocurrency (e.g., IOTX, VITA), you may use it to pay for Cloud subscriptions and other add-on services (coming soon).